Why Do We Do It?

Humin Earth was founded to promote an organic alternative to the overuse of synthetic chemical fertilizers. Our organic nutrients are blended by us, but created by mother nature. The prevention of sickness and disease begins with a clean diet. Food free of chemicals is a human right we cannot afford to lose.

"in an effort to change the world through organic practices, we will lead the fight for clean, healthy, and chemical free lands."

-Heath Norton

What Drives Us?

Our efforts extend beyond just that of agriculture and lawn care. We are dedicated to uncovering the greatness of all sectors of industry, and our passion is healing our lands. Working closely with our affiliates, we have made great strides in fixing our ecosystem through corrective assistance to the masses.

"If we don't get our food system under control, we will lose what power we have left. Working together, we will win this fight."

-Cory Kelly

Heath Norton


Heath Norton has been working in the agriculture industry for over 30 years.

From a young age, Heath was immersed in agriculture being raised on a 10,000+ acre working farm and cattle ranch in Utah and Idaho.

Heath studied at both the University of Idaho, and the College of Southern Idaho, and he considers himself a life-long-learner; he is always "sharpening the saw" to maintain a competitive edge in every aspect of his life.

Heath has worked internationally in many different countries, and with a variety of cultures including Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. With a formidable expertise in soil and water management, Heath is a leading authority on the use of 100% organic materials in farming and livestock. From soil-specific amendments, to complete dust-bowl remediation, Heath has the knowledge base to rebuild the vitality of any ecosystem. Heath is also fluent with organic water remediation techniques to improve the usability of waste as irrigation water. Additionally, his abilities cover irrigation ponds, livestock waste ponds, and water flocculation systems.

Heath considers himself family oriented, and holds himself and others accountable to a high level of standards and good order in everyday life, and in all business relations.

Cory Kelly

Chief Executive Officer​

Having an extensive personal background in horticulture and soil studies, Cory Kelly brings relevant experience, and many other important business skills which make him a multi-faceted asset to our mission.

Cory has years of experience at the helm of businesses ranging from athletic facilities to political consulting and web-based technologies. Prior to such ventures, he spent several years serving in combat under multiple defense agencies, including the US Army. He operates with drive and precision, and considers himself a go-getter with a grand vision for the future.

Starting out as our consultant, Cory identified and initiated changes which altered the trajectory of the company in record time. The changes brought on by his creativity and foresight, allowed him to quickly rise to the position of CEO, and he is now the driver behind all of our operations here at Humin Earth. He has been a force multiplier, and has the ability to discover the unique needs of every community we serve.

With his experience and education in both business and politics, Cory has been able to foster and develop positive change in every project we pursue. Our team of agronomists, technicians, and soil/water experts have become more efficient and effective, and are able to work with higher levels of insight thanks to the work that Cory does, and the expertise that he brings to the table.