Enhance Soil Vitality

Each plant has its own complex life-cycle, and those details are determined within the first two weeks of growth. Using Superior Start in this early phase, gives your starts the nutrients they need, setting the stage for a robust harvest season. Most effective when paired with Biome Booster.

Superior Start is formulated for early-season soil preparation. This complex blend is mother nature's reliable work-horse which stimulates microbes, chelates metals and mineral nutrients, while boosting and retaining the carbon content of your soil. This ultimately leads to a reduction in carbon loss, and overall healthier soil. Superior start will also increase root mass development, giving your crops the superior start they deserve.

Maximize Growth Rate

Colossal Crops is a potent blend of organic nutrients, designed to maximize micro-nutrient uptake, and increase growth rates and overall size. This formula is best for the vegetative growth phase, but also for all greens, turf, trees, and house plants.

Colossal Crops offers an abundant supply of naturally occurring growth hormones, and has a high CEC (cation exchange capacity) which allows more nutrients in the soil to become available to the roots. Our customers consistently experience 20% larger growth with our Colossal Crops blend. Whether you're growing acres of field corn, or a small bed of herbs in your back yard, Colossal Crops will maximize overall growth and build a stronger, fuller root mass.

Increase Overall Yield

Flower Frenzy was created with one purpose... to increase overall production. We developed this compound to raise flower sets by as much as 35% in the hands of any grower, whether new or experienced. More flowers and fruit sets equal larger harvests.

Flower Frenzy greatly increases all light-energy absorption, converting this energy into sugars which fuels flowering and fruit growth. This also greatly enhances terpene and fructose production. Flower Frenzy will increase both scent and taste, while also boosting the plant's natural health defenses through rapid development and absorption of enzymes, vital minerals, and key nutrients. Our organic harvests consistently outproduce the competition.


Repair Damaged Soil

BiomeBooster is a cultured complex consisting of inoculated beneficial microorganisms which help to control soil-organism equilibrium, increase disease resistance and water retention, and improve soil health. This easy-to-use complex will create a "living soil" and maximize nutrient uptake.

Boost Animal Health

Parasite Purge destroys internal parasites, boosts immunity, and reduces mortality rates as a simple water additive. This universal solution keeps your animals healthy by ridding them of parasites, assisting with digestion, and boosting immunity against bacteria and pathogens.

Repel Harmful Pests

Garden Guard is a proprietary vegan compound consisting of organic oils which help to repel pests without the use of chemicals or other synthetics. This blend of beneficial oils disrupts hormone production and processing in insects, causing a loss of appetite, and inducing a coma-like state.